About us

PIETRZAK Horticulture Farm was established in 1973 and has since become a leading producer of ornamental plants in Poland and Europe. We started with vegetables, then moved to cut flowers. Since 1989 we have been focusing on potted plants, which now take all area of our nursery. We cultivate them in modern greenhouses with computer-controlled watering and climate systems.

Rooted and unrooted cuttings from our company are sold to various European countries, including: Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway. Working with such demanding customers allowed us to gather knowledge and experience needed to produce top quality plants, which are also sold to our domestic market.

Our products are sold in retail chains and warehouses. We deliver plants directly to individual recipients, as well as cooperate with many respectable intermediary servicing companies, who further distribute our products. Thanks to many years of experience, the plants supplied by us are free of pathogens. Modern technology allows us to maintain optimal and constant production conditions. As a result, we are capable of delivering huge batches of plants, balanced in terms of size and condition, in a timely manner.

Production quality is overseen by qualified workers, aided by specialists from the Research Institute of Pomology and Floriculture in Skierniewice. Our company is evolving constantly. New technologies are introduced to satisfy our clients and ensure the top quality of our plants.